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Is a license required to ride EVIE S1 and T1?

In the European Union (EU), the regulations for electric bicycles are governed by the EU's Electric Pedal Assisted Cycles (EPAC) legislation. According to the EPAC regulations, electric bicycles with a maximum continuous power output of 250 watts and

Where can I get regular updates on EVIE Bikes?

All regular updates can be found on our blog, subscribing to our email newsletter on the official webpage of EVIE as well as following us on our social media channels. Blog Page: https://eviebikes.com/blogs/news. Official webpage:. Social Media Chann

Where are EVIE Bikes manufactured?

Our bikes are proudly designed in France and Singapore, and produced in South-East Asia.

Where can I book a test ride?

We do not yet offer test rides at this moment, but we are continually working to bring additional services to improve your experience. Stay tuned to our email newsletter, blog, or social media for the latest news and rollout of new features and servi