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How do I Activate my EV-Secure?Updated 3 months ago

Registration vs. Post-Purchase Upgrade

During Registration:

To activate EV Secure during registration, follow these steps:

1)Register your bike using the EVIE app.

2)Personalize your bike's name.

3)Enter the secure code sent via email to activate EV Secure.

4)That's it! Your EV Secure is now activated and ready to go.

During Registration   

Post-Purchase Upgrade:

If you missed activating EV Secure during setup or bought a bike without it, you can still activate it later. Here's how:

1) Go to "My Bike Settings" and select "EV+."

2) Choose "Add EV-Secure" and click "Upgrade Now."

3)  Select "Activate with code" option and enter the code from your email.

4) Click to finish, and EV Secure is activated!

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