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Replacing the front light (S1 and T1)Updated 10 months ago

What You Need 

2mm Allen Key
7mm Wrench
Front Light

Step 1 

Loosen the quick-release skewer on the front wheel. 

Step 2 

Remove the front wheel by detaching it from the fork. 

Step 3 

Free the cables from the metal clip below the front fender


Step 4  

Carefully unplug the cable. 

Step 5 

Use a 7mm size wrench and a 2mm Allen key to remove the bolt and screw from both sides of the mounting. 


Step 6 

Slowly take out the front light and the light reflector away from the fender.


Step 7 

Make sure the arrangement of the front light component is in the correct order and insert the cable into the hole. 


Step 8 

Install the new front light at the mounting with the bolt and nut earlier using a 2mm Allen key and a 7mm wrench. 

Step 9 

Clip the wire cable back onto the metal clip. 

Step 10 

Plug back the new front light cable below the front fender. 

Step 11 

Place the front wheel back into the fork.

Step 12 

Insert the quick-release skewer at the front wheel and tighten the quick-release skewer to seal it. 

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