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Replacing the motor controller (S1 and T1)Updated 10 months ago

What You Need 

#0 Philip Screwdriver

3mm Allen Key

Motor Controller


Step 1 

Flip the bike upside down. 


Step 2 

Free all the cables from the spiral cable wrap.


Step 3 

Unplug all the cables. 


Step 4 

Flip the bike upright. 


Step 5

Loosen up the three hex cap screws at the bottom front of the frame near all the cables with a 3mm Allen key. 


Step 6 

Flip the bike upside down again. 


Step 7 

Carefully remove the motor controller and the attached battery from the bike's frame.  

Step 8 

Loosen up the four-pan head screw between the battery and the motor controller with Philip's head screwdriver size #0.


Step 9

Install the new motor controller with the battery with the four pan head screws earlier. 


Step 10

Slowly insert the new motor controller along with the battery into the frame. 

Step 11

Insert the new motor controller into the frame with the three hex cap screws earlier using the 3mm Allen key. 

Step 12

Plug in all the cables according to their correct pairing.