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Which frame is suitable for me?Updated a year ago

Both the EVIE S1 and T1 share similar features, with the only exception being frame geometry. EVIE S1 comes with a classic step-over frame, while the EVIE T1 sports a stylish step-through frame.

The main difference between a classic frame and a step-through bicycle frame lies in their design and geometry. Here are the key distinctions:

  • Top Tube: A classic frame typically features a top tube that runs horizontally from the head tube to the seat tube. In contrast, a step-through frame lacks the top tube or has a greatly sloping top tube that allows riders to step through the frame easily without lifting their leg too high.
  • Mounting and Dismounting: The step-through frame design is specifically intended to facilitate easy mounting and dismounting, particularly for riders wearing dresses, skirts, or those who have limited flexibility. Riders can simply step into the frame without having to swing their leg over the top tube as required in a classic frame.
  • Standover Height: Standover height refers to the distance between the ground and the top tube when the rider is straddling the bike with both feet flat on the ground. A step-through frame typically has a significantly lower standover height compared to a classic frame. This low standover height makes it easier for riders to maintain stability and balance while stopped or maneuvering at low speeds.
  • Frame Rigidity: Generally, classic frames tend to be stiffer and provide more rigidity due to their triangular structure created by the top tube, down tube, and seat tube. Step-through frames, on the other hand, sacrifice some rigidity by eliminating or sloping the top tube. This can result in a slightly less responsive ride, especially during intense pedaling or rough terrain.
  • Riding Position: The geometry of classic frames often promotes a more aggressive riding position with a forward-leaning posture, suitable for speed and efficiency. In contrast, step-through frames typically offer a more upright riding position, providing enhanced comfort and stability, especially for casual riders or those seeking a relaxed riding experience.
  • Style and Gender Considerations: Historically, step-through frames have been associated with women's bicycles, while classic frames have been more commonly used in men's bicycles. However, these gender associations are no longer strictly adhered to, and both frame types are now used by riders of any gender based on personal preference and intended use.

Ultimately, the choice between a classic frame and a step-through frame depends on your individual needs, comfort, and style preferences.

The differences between EVIE S1 and EVIE T1 can be summarised in this table:

SpecificationsEVIE S1EVIE T1
Bike Weight21 kg21 kg
Rider WeightUp to 120 kgUp to 120 kg
Rider Height165 - 210 cm155 - 190 cm
Standover Height82 cm57 cm
Riding StyleUprightUpright

 Head over to EVIE S1 or EVIE T1 for more information on all features and other specifications. 

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